Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

52, 3, pp. 847-851, Warsaw 2014

Evolution of tensile properties of the TiAl6V4 alloy due to the prior cyclic loading history

Wojciech Moćko, Zbigniew L. Kowalewski

The influence of the initial fatigue loading on tensile characteristics of the TiAl6V4 titanium alloy is presented in this work. For cumulative fatigue damage equal to 0.75, a decrease in the pre-fatigue amplitude leads to a lowering in the elongation. Moreover, independent of the amplitude, the loading induces an increase in the yield stress by approximately 100 MPa. An increase in the number of pre-fatigue cycles at a constant amplitude results in a decrease in the elongation. Such mechanical behaviour is related to the cyclic hardening effect and the development of fatigue damage, which clearly affects the tensile characteristics of the alloy.
Keywords: fatigue; metals and alloys; deformation and fracture; cumulative fatigue damage