Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

9, 1, pp. 115-124, Warsaw 1971

Zjawisko rezonansu w kontakcie ciał sprężystych

Jadwiga Halaunbrenner, Mieczysław Kmiecik
The paper is divided into three parts. In part I the experimental investigations are described. A spherical glass lens has been presented to a horizontal elastic plate and then loaded by a twisting moment turning it around the vertical axis. Varying the frequency co of the torque and keeping the amplitude constant, the resonance carves for various values of Mj have bssn recorded. These curves show that the elastic characteristics of the contact is strongly non-linear and ''soft''. For various amplitudes of the moment, the hysteresis loops have been measured and, using optical methods, the oscillograms of the free and forced vibrations of the lens have been recorded. Part II of the paper contains the analysis of the approximate elastic and frictional characteristics of the contact based upon the experimental results. In part III the results of certain important theoretical works dealing with the contact phenomena of elastic bodies are presented. Theoretical results are then compared with those obtained experimentally.