Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

9, 1, pp. 125-138, Warsaw 1971

Odpowiedniość modelowa dla cienkościennych prętów o bisymetrycznym otwartym przekroju poprzecznym

Mieczysław Jokiel
In the paper the conditions of model correspondence for a straight prismatic thin-walled bar of arbitrary open cross-section are given, as well as the rules of des igningthe smallscale models for systems consisting of such bars. The thin-walled bars are subject to constrained torsion, their cross-sections undergoing deplanation. The influence of bimoments and torsionflexure couples is taken into consideration. The model correspondence criterion is derived from the similarity of the elastic strain energy expressions, Eqs. (2.3), (4.2). Tn Sec. 4 the method of ''reduced cross-sections'', geometrically different from the original, is proposed. Elastic characteristics of the object and the model can also be different provided the influence of transversal forces is neglected. The problem of similarity of joints is discussed in Sec. 5. Numerical examples (Sec. 6) illustrate the method proposed in the paper.