Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

9, 1, pp. 89-113, Warsaw 1971

Plastyczne skręcanie niejednorodnych prętów o zmiennej średnicy

Marian Galos
The problem of plastic torsion of rods of variable thickness made of materials characterized by arbitrary plastic nonhomogeneity has been considered in the paper. The mathematical analogy between the problem under consideration and the
problem of torsion of prismatic transversally nonhomogeneous rods (Galos [3]) has been used. The solution is obtained by introducing the stress function. The method of designing the fully plasticized pipe rods is presented as well as the inverse method of solution of the problem of elastic-plastic torsion of variable diameter rods made of plastic non-homogeneous materials. The question of deformation of the plastic zone in the rods under consideration has been also presented. A number of numerical examples is given.