Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

54, 2, pp. 437-448, Warsaw 2016
DOI: 10.15632/jtam-pl.54.2.437

Effect of heat transfer on thermal stresses in an annular hyperbolic fin: an approximate analytical solution

Ashis Mallick, Rajiv Ranjan, Predeep Kumar Sarkar
An approximate analytical solution is presented for thermal stresses in an annular convective-conductive fin of a hyperbolic profile with temperature dependent thermal conductivity. The classical thermo-elasticity theory coupled with the ADM based polynomial form of temperature field is employed for an approximate analytical solution of thermal stresses. The
influence of thermal parameters, i.e. variable thermal conductivity, the thermo-geometric parameter and the non-dimensional coefficient of thermal expansion on temperature and sttress fields are investigated. The results for the stress field obtained from the ADM based solution are compared with those available in literature and found to be in close agreement.
Keywords: thermal stresses, Adomian decomposition method (ADM), variable thermal con- ductivity