Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

53, 4, pp. 1041-1052, Warsaw 2015
DOI: 10.15632/jtam-pl.53.4.1041

A nonlocal Timoshenko beam theory for vibration analysis of thick nanobeams using differential transform method

Farzad Ebrahimi, Parisa Nasirzadeh
This article presents the solution for free vibration of nanobeams based on Eringen nonlocal elasticity theory and Timoshenko beam theory. The small scale effect is considered in the first theory, and the transverse shear deformation effects as well as rotary inertia are taken into account in the latter one. Through variational formulation and the Hamilton principle, the governing differential equations of free vibration of the nonlocal Timoshenko beam and the boundary conditions are derived. The obtained equations are solved by the differential transformation method (DTM) for various frequency modes of the beams with different end conditions. In addition, the effects of slenderness and on vibration behavior are presented. It is revealed that the slenderness affects the vibration characteristics slightly whilst the small scale plays a significant role in the vibration behavior of the nanobeam.
Keywords: free vibration, nanobeam, Eringen nonlocal elasticity theory