Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

0, 0, pp. , Warsaw 0

Research on one-dimensional ubiquitiformal constitutive relations for bimaterial-bar

Min Yang, Zhuo-Cheng Ou, Zhuo-Ping Duan, Feng-Lei Huang
A one-dimensional ubiquitiformal constitutive model for a bimaterial bar is proposed in this paper. The explicit analytical expression for the effective Young modulus is then obtained, which, unlike the fractal one, leads to a continuous displacement distribution along the bar. Moreover, the numerical results for concretes are calculated and found to be in agreement with previous experimental data. In addition, some previous empirical and semi-empirical constitutive models are also examined, which shows that each of these models can corresponding well to a ubiquitiformal one under a certain complexity.
Keywords: Ubiquitiform; fractal; composite; displacement distribution; elasticity modulus