Accepted for publication

Papers to appear in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics.

Table of Contents

1. Non-linear fracture analysis of functionally graded four point bend beams
Victor Rizov
2. Fractional heat conduction in a sphere under mathematical and physical Robin conditions
Urszula Siedlecka, Stanisław Kukla
3. Coarse-graining models for molecular dynamics simulations of FCC metals
Pourya Delafrouz, Hossein Nejat Pishkenari
4. Theoretical and experimental investigations of the bifurcation behavior of creep groan of automotive disk brakes
Xingwei Zhao, Nils Gräbner, Utz von Wagner
5. Experimental investigation on the piezoelectric energy harvester as the self-powered vibration sensor
Dariusz Grzybek, Piotr Micek
6. TIG and laser beam welded joints – simplified numerical analyses
Barbara Nasiłowska, Agnieszka Derewońko, Zdzisław Bogdanowicz
7. A continuum description of failure waves
Hamid Said, James Glimm
8. Selected problems of damage detection in internally supported plates using one-dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform
Michał Guminiak, Anna Knitter-Piątkowska
9. Smoothed particle hydrodynamics modelling of the Rayleigh-Plateau instability
Michał Olejnik, Kamil Szewc
10. Nonlinear modeling and analysis of a shock absorber with a bypass
Urszula Ferdek, Jan Łuczko
11. Bifurcation and chaos analysis of a gear-rotor-bearing system
Xiangfeng Gou, Lingyun Zhu, Changjun Qi
12. Stiffness and damping characteristics of MR fluid-based sandwich beams: experimental study
Mateusz Romaszko, Bogdan Sapiński
13. Selected examples of referring the examined stochastic technical stability to the ISO standards
Jerzy Kisilowski, Jarosław Zalewski
14. Mechanical buckling of functionally graded polyethylene/clay nano composites columns based on the Engesser-Timoshenko beam theory
Mohammad Hossein Yas, Mahdi Karami Khorramabadi
15. Effect of the gear local damage and profile error on the drivetrain dynamic response
Ahmed Ghorbel, Bacem Zghal, Moez Abdennadher, Lassad Walha, Mohamed Haddar

Short Communications

1. Modified Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar for the investigations of dynamic behaviour of magnetorheological materials
Leszek Józef Frąś, Ryszard Bolesław Pęcherski