Accepted for publication

Papers to appear in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics.

Table of Contents

1. The influence of geometrical parameters variations on the notching Stress Intensity Factors of cylindrical shells
H. Moustabchir, M. A. Hamdi Alaoui, A. Babaoui, K. D. Dearn, Z. Azari, Catalin Pruncu
2. Stability analysis and dynamic behaviour of a flexible asymmetric rotor supported by active magnetic bearings
Molka Attia Hili, Slim Bouaziz, Mohamed Haddar
3. Experimental study on mechanical properties of PE / CNT composites
A. M. Fattahi, Armin Najipour
4. Analytical expressions for effective weighting functions used during simulations of water hammer
Kamil Urbanowicz
5. Tire rubber testing procedure over a wide range of strain rates
Paweł Baranowski, Jacek Janiszewski, Jerzy Małachowski
6. Finite element implementation of slightly compressible and incompressible first invariant-based hyperelasticity: theory, coding, exemplary problems
Cyprian Suchocki
7. Application of the Alternating Direction Implicit Method for numerical solution of the dual-phase lag equation
Mariusz Ciesielski
8. Surface-to-air missile path planning using genetic and PSO algorithms
Seid Miad Zandavi
9. Chaotic vibration of an autoparametrical system with the spherical pendulum
Danuta Sado, Jan Freundlich, Anna Bobrowska
10. Effect of induced temperature field on development of curvilinear crack with bonds between the faces in end zones
Vagif Mirsalimov, Azer Mustafayev
11. Non-linear fracture analysis of functionally graded four point bend beams
Victor Rizov