Accepted for publication

Papers to appear in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics.

Table of Contents

1. Non-linear fracture analysis of functionally graded four point bend beams
Victor Rizov
2. Modified model for shear stress distribution using TRI – 1 Lunar soil simulant
S. Jayalekshmi, Pala Gireesh Kumar
3. An analytical investigation of 2D-PPMs hollow cylinder under thermo-electro-mechanical (TEM) loadings
Mohsen Meshkini, Keikhosrow Firoozbakhsh, Mohsen Jabbari, Ali Selkghafari
4. A generalized thermoelastic dual-phase-lagging response of thick beams subjected to harmonically varying heat and pressure
Ashraf M. Zenkour
5. A new method for automatic defects detection and diagnosis in rolling element bearings using Wald-test
Ammar Chiter, Rabah Zegadi, Rais El'Hadi Bekka, Ahmed Felkaoui
6. A locally modified single-phase model, for analyzing magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow and heat transfer of nanofluids over nonlinearly stretching sheet with chemical reaction
Pooria Akbarzadeh
7. Plates bending analysis by superposing of cylindrical deflections
Grzegorz Jemielita
8. Steady and unsteady analysis of NACA 0018 airfoil in vertical-axis wind turbine
Krzysztof Rogowski, Ryszard Maroński, Martin Otto Laver Hansen
9. Determination of the internal resistance of a hammer drill chisel
Nikolay Nikolov, Petko Sinapov
10. Fatigue crack growth and probability assessment of TIG welded aluminum alloy 6013-T4
Gunawan Dwi Haryadi, Rando Tungga Dewa, I Made Wicaksana Ekaputra
11. Modification of the algorithm for calculating fatigue life for the criteria based on the concept of the critical plane
Krzysztof Kluger, Tadeusz Łagoda
12. Hygrothermoelastic buckling response of composite laminates by using modified shear deformation theory
Masoud Kazemi
13. Dynamic and resonance response analysis for a turbine blade with varying rotating speed
Dan Wang, Zhifeng Hao, Yushu Chen, Yongxiang Zhang
14. Reduced number of design parameters in optimum path synthesis With timing of four-bar linkage
Jacek Buśkiewicz
15. Fractional heat conduction in a sphere under mathematical and physical Robin conditions
Urszula Siedlecka, Stanisław Kukla
16. Annular rotating disks optimal with respect to mixed creep rupture
Aneta Ustrzycka, Szuwalski Krzysztof
17. An analytical study on buckling behavior of cnt/polymer composite plates using first order shear deformation theory
Pramod Kumar Peyyala, Subba Rao V V
18. On axisymmetric heat conduction problem for multilayer graded coated half-space
Dariusz Mariusz Perkowski, Roman Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo, Waldemar Kołodziejczyk
19. A prediction method for load distribution in threaded connections
Dongmei Zhang, Shiqiao Gao, Shaohua Niu, Haipeng Liu
20. Polyester sail technical woven fabric behaviour under uniaxial and biaxial tensile tests
Andrzej Ambroziak, Paweł Kłosowski
21. Old materials - new capabilities: Lattice Materials in structural mechanics
Marek Augustyniak
22. Dynamic simulation of a novel "broomstick" human forward fall model and finite element analysis of the radius under the impact force during fall
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Paweł Biesiacki, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz
23. Extension of the Hamiltonian approach with general initial conditions
Helio A Navarro, Livija Cveticanin
24. On bifurcation load of a three-member slender system with internal crack subjected to Euler’s load
Sebastian Uzny, Krzysztof Sokół
25. Preliminary experimental/numerical study for the vibration annoyance control of a windshield wiper mechanical system through Synchronized Switch Shunt Resonator (SSSR) technology
Massimo Viscardi, Romeo Di Leo, Monica Ciminello, Marco Brandizzi
26. Optimum design of fiber angle and hole orientation of an orthotropic plate
Xiaoli Zhang, Aizhong Lu, Shaojie Wang, Ning Zhang
27. Coarse-graining models for molecular dynamics simulations of FCC metals
Pourya Delafrouz, Hossein Nejat Pishkenari