Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

14, 1, pp. 175-181, Warsaw 1976

Graniczna moc dwufazowego termosyfonu rurowego ze względu na kryterium odrywania kondensatu

Bogumił Bieniasz
The phonemenon of the change of the velocity profile occuring in the condensate layer falling down on the condenser wall of the two-phase thermosiphon according to a vapour velocity changc has been described in this paper. Using available experimental data, the expression on the power limit and the power of the entering of the condensate liquid to the nonstable motion area has been obtained. Criterions of Solovev et al. [1] concerning determining the nonstable motion area of the liquid phase during the two-phase flow in vertical pipes have been ploted for water at the saturation temperature of 40C