Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

18, 3, pp. 351-370, Warsaw 1980

Dynamiczne rozciąganie próbek metalowych przy użyciu młota rotacyjnego

Andrzej Tobota, Janusz Klepaczko, Jerzy Gronostajski

It has been shown how the dynamic tensile test should be performed by means of rotational hammer RSO type, produced by WPM Leippzig. Some improvements have been described concerning measurements of force and impact velocity, as well as the wave analysis of the system. Due to performed identification, by the analogue technique, of the system: support-dynamometer-specimen. This enabled the correct of obtained oscillograms and the determination of values of the upper yield point. As a result of the experiments the dynamic strain hardening curves for polycrystalline copprer (99,9% Cu) and low carbon steel (0,11% C) have been obtained in the strain rate region 10-10^2s^-1. The curves have been compared with those for quasi-static case.