Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

18, 4, pp. 565-575, Warsaw 1980

Numeryczna analiza opływu płaskiej podstawy walca kołowego naddzwiękowym strumieniem lepkiego gazu

Andrzej Topoliński

In this work numerical results of axisymmetrical flow round a cylinder with a flat front has been acccomplished. The calculations were made by means explicit, two-step Lax-Wendroff type scheme [1], which aproximates the set of differential equations with the second order of accuracy. In order to damp an oscillating course of calculations smoothing procedures based on Shuman's filter were applied [2, 6, 7]. The calculations were accomplished for four various sets of parameters. Reynolds number was constant in all of them, and equaled Re_inty=50. Distribution of function of surface of the flow was represented on diagrams and contour graphs.