Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

23, 3-4, pp. 375-380, Warsaw 1985

Doświadczalna analiza kinematyki procesu wyciskania

Jan Piwnik

The paper is devoted to the experimental verification of the solution of axially symmetric problem with mixed boundary conditions which was obtained in the framework of the plastic flow theory by using the method of characteristics [11]. Theoretical and experimental course of the stream lines, velocities and range of the plastic regions has been compared for axially symmetric extrusion of divided billels made of aluminium, alloy PA2. It was shown that there is good qualitative agreement of the stream lines and essential differences of velocities in the corners of die and near the axis of symmetry. Divergences of shapes of plastic regions were also shown. The differences between results of theory and experiments were caused by the effects of workhardening of the material and friction which were not been taken into account in the paper [11].