Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

24, 4, pp. 573-591, Warsaw 1986

Analityczne badanie intensywnych fal uderzeniowych w gazie politropowym w otoczeniu gazowych produktów wybuchu

Zbigniew Głodowski, Edward Włodarczyk

A local solution has been constructed to the problem of concentrated (point) explosion in a polytropic gas. The finite energy density at the explosion centre is taken into account. The state and motion characteristic of the polytropic gas with the shock-wave in the incinity of the explosion centre are presented in the form of the Taylor series for the functions of two independent wariables (r,t). The coefficients of the series are determined from the equations of motion nad the boundary conditions of the problem. Variation in these coefficients in function of the polytropic exponents of gamma and k_0=3 for three symmetries: plane, cylindrical and spherical, is presented in the from of tables. The solution presented constitutes a contribution to the theory of concentrated explosion. It complements the existing self-similar solutions for powerful point explosions, these solutions basing upon the assumption of the infinite energy density at the explosion centre. It eliminates the shortcomings of these solutions and raises the possibility of studying the quantitative dependences on the characteristics of a non-stationary motion of the polytropic gas in the vicinity of the explosion centre.