Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

25, 1-2, pp. 131-144, Warsaw 1987

Wahania śmigła ogonowego na odkształcalnej belce ogonowej kadłuba śmigłowca

Wiesław Leśniewski, Jerzy Maryniak

In the paper a method of the matematical modelling has been presented for a helicopter with the self-aligned tail proppeler on deformable tail boom in an arbitrary motion. The following degrees of freedom were taken into account: six degrees of freedom of the main part of fuselage treated as rigid body, two elastic degrees of freedom due to bending and torsion of the tail boom and one degree of freedom connected with fluctuations of the two blades of the tail proppeler. In addition, the changes of the angular velocity of the transmission shaft as a result of the deviations of shafts parts coupled by Cardan universal joint have been considered. Equations of motion of the mechanic system have been derived by means of Boltzmann-Hamel formulae. A numerical example is given. The computed fluctuations of the proppeler indicate that there exist the tail wagging mode for the helicopter and a distinct beat of the tail proppeler fluctuations generating transverse-torsional vibrations of the elastic tail boom.