Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

25, 4, pp. 557-570, Warsaw 1987

Analiza niestacjonarnych odkształceń i naprężeń termosprężystych w wale z odsadzaniem

Zbigniew Orłoś, Waldemar Cudny, Kazimierz Tomaszewski

The paper deals with the investigations on thermal strains and stresses in a shouldered shaft with a sudden change in its diameter. The model was made from epoxy resin. The surface of the model was suddenly heated by dropping into the testing tank containing hot oil circulated continuously. The instantaneous temperature in the model was measured by fine-wire thermocouples. They were mounted on the surface and inside of the model. The thermoelastic strains on the surface of the model were determined by using strain gages of very short lengths. Experimental results were compared with those of theoretical calculations by means of finite-element analysis.