Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

34, 3, pp. 609-620, Warsaw 1996

Weight functions of loading modes I, II and III for a round hole with two symmetric radial cracks

Krzysztof L. Molski
Weight functions for a round hole with two symmetric radial cracks are derived for loading modes I and II using the boundary element method (BEM) together with the Bueckner type singular complex stress function at the crack tip. For the mode III – the asymptotic interpolation method has been employed. These three weight functions are then formulated in terms of correction and unitary weight functions and described in the unified form, suitable for computing stress intensity factors K. To assess the accuracy of present approach, the calculated values of K_1, K_2 and K_3 for various loading conditions are compared to the ones known from the literature or obtained from boundary element analysis.
Keywords: crack; stress intensity factor; weight function