Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

35, 4, pp. 813-828, Warsaw 1997

Resistance coefficient of a particle moving in the presence of a deformed wall

Anna Kucaba-Piętal
In 1988 Falade and Brenner obtained the results which enables us to calculate the low Reynolds number hydrodynamic interaction only for a sphere moving in a fluid bounded by an arbitrary deformed wall. In this paper another combined analytical-numerical method for solving the same problem is presented for a wide class of bodies, shape of which can be described in separable coordinates (elipsoid, torus, spheroid, sphere). This method of calculation is based on the perturbation method, linearity of the Stokes equation and the collocation method, respectively. As an example, applicability of this method is tested for an axisymmetric translation of a sphere.
Keywords: Stokes flow; viscous incompressible flow past a body; bounded flow