Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 1, pp. 155-167, Warsaw 2003

Active and passive damping of vibrations by torsional damper during steady state motion of a power transmission system

Zbigniew Skup
This paper presents a theoretical study of the process of damping of nonlinear vibrations in a two-mass model of a mechanical system with a torsion damper. The steady-state motion of the system subject to harmonic excitation is considered on the assumption of a uniform frequency and constant amplitude of the forcing torque. Simultaneous structural friction phenomena (passive damping) and the piezoelectric effect (active damping) are been considered as well. The problem is considered on the assumption of a uniform unit pressure distribution between the contacting surfaces of the friction discs and plunger. The aim of the analysis is to asses the influence of geometric parameters, external load, unit pressure and electric parameters on the resonance curves of the steady-state vibrations. The equations of motion of the examined system are solved by means of the Van der Pol method.
Keywords: active damping; vibrations; torsional damper; structural friction