Vol 56, No 1 (2018)

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Table of Contents

1. Hygrothermoelastic buckling response of composite laminates by using modified shear deformation theory PDF
Masoud Kazemi 3-14
2. A generalized thermoelastic dual-phase-lagging response of thick beams subjected to harmonically varying heat and pressure PDF
Ashraf M. Zenkour 15-30
3. Dynamic and resonance response analysis for a turbine blade with varying rotating speed PDF
Dan Wang, Zhifeng Hao, Yushu Chen, Yongxiang Zhang 31-42
4. Reduced number of design parameters in optimum path synthesis with timing of four-bar linkage PDF
Jacek Buśkiewicz 43-55
5. Annular rotating disks optimal with respect to mixed creep rupture PDF
Aneta Ustrzycka, Krzysztof Szuwalski 57-69
6. An analytical study on buckling behavior of CNT/polymer composite plates using first order shear deformation theory PDF
Pramod Kumar Peyyala, Subba Rao V V 71-79
7. A locally modified single-phase model for analyzing magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow and heat transfer of nanofluids over nonlinearly stretching sheet with chemical reaction PDF
Pooria Akbarzadeh 81-94
8. Bending analysis of plates by superposing of cylindrical deflections PDF
Grzegorz E. Jemielita 95-105
9. An analytical investigation of 2D-PPMs hollow infinite cylinder under thermo-electro-mechanical (TEM) loadings PDF
Mohsen Meshkini, Keikhosrow Firoozbakhsh, Mohsen Jabbari, Ali SelkGhafari 107-122
10. A new method for automatic defects detection and diagnosis in rolling element bearings using Wald test PDF
Ammar Chiter, Rabah Zegadi, Rais El'Hadi Bekka, Ahmed Felkaoui 123-135
11. Modified model for shear stress distribution using TRI-1 Lunar soil simulant PDF
S. Jayalekshmi, Pala Gireesh Kumar 137-146
12. On axisymmetric heat conduction problem for multilayer graded coated half-space PDF
Dariusz Mariusz Perkowski, Roman Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo, Waldemar Kołodziejczyk 147-156
13. A prediction method for load distribution in threaded connections PDF
Dongmei Zhang, Shiqiao Gao, Shaohua Niu, Haipeng Liu 157-168
14. Determination of the internal resistance of a hammer drill chisel PDF
Nikolay Nikolov, Petko Sinapov 169-178
15. Fatigue crack growth and probability assessment for transverse TIG welded Aluminum alloy 6013-t4 PDF
Gunawan Dwi Haryadi, Rando Tungga Dewa, I Made Wicaksana Ekaputra 179-190
16. Modification of the algorithm for calculating fatigue life for the criteria based on the concept of the critical plane PDF
Krzysztof Kluger, Tadeusz Łagoda 191-201
17. Steady and unsteady analysis of NACA 0018 airfoil in vertical-axis wind turbine PDF
Krzysztof Rogowski, Martin Otto Laver Hansen, Ryszard Maroński 203-212
18. Old materials - new capabilities: lattice materials in structural mechanics PDF
Marek Augustyniak 213-226
19. Polyester sail technical woven fabric behaviour under uniaxial and biaxial tensile tests PDF
Andrzej Ambroziak, Paweł Kłosowski 227-238
20. Dynamic simulation of a novel "broomstick" human forward fall model and finite element analysis of the radius under the impact force during fall PDF
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Paweł Biesiacki, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz 239-253
21. Extension of the Hamiltonian approach with general initial conditions PDF
Helio A. Navarro, Livija Cveticanin 255-267
22. On bifurcation load of a three-member slender system with internal crack subjected to Euler’s load PDF
Sebastian Uzny, Krzysztof Sokół 269-281
23. Preliminary experimental/numerical study for the vibration annoyance control of a windshield wiper mechanical system through a Synchronized Switch Shunt Resonator (SSSR) technology PDF
Massimo Viscardi, Romeo Di Leo, Monica Ciminello, Marco Brandizzi 283-296
24. Optimum design of fiber angle and hole orientation of an orthotropic plate PDF
Xiaoli Zhang, Aizhong Lu, Shaojie Wang, Ning Zhang 297-311
25. Selected examples of referring the examined stochastic technical stability to the ISO standards PDF
Jerzy Kisilowski, Jarosław Zalewski 313-321

Short Communications

1. Modified Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar for the investigations of dynamic behaviour of magnetorheological materials PDF
Leszek J. Frąś, Ryszard B. Pęcherski 323-328
2. Enhanced energy conversion as a result of fluid-solid interaction in micro- and nanoscale PDF
Janusz Badur, Paweł Ziółkowski, Sebastian Kornet, Tomasz Kowalczyk, Kamil Banaś, Mateusz Bryk, Piotr Józef Ziółkowski, Michał Stajnke 329-332