Vol 38, No 2 (2000)

Table of Contents

1. Dynamic elasticity characteristics of soil layers not deeply situated under the earth surface PDF
Roman Ciesielski, Arkadiusz Kwiecień 233-245
2. Specificity of dynamic analysis of reinforced concrete foundations under turbogrnerators PDF
Roman Ciesielski, Bogumił Wrana 247-258
3. Vibrations and stability of a non-conservatively compressed prismatic column under nonlinear creep conditions PDF
Antoni Gajewski 259-270
4. Damage effect on thermo-mechanical fields in a mid-thick plate PDF
Artur Ganczarski, Jacek Skrzypek 271-284
5. Parametric structural shape optimization using the global Trefftz approach PDF
Marek Karaś, Andrzej P. Zieliński 285-296
6. When can we avoid paradoxes in the contact problems of two thermoelastic cylinders PDF
Roman D. Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo, Zbigniew S. Olesiak 297-314
7. On the stability of friction contact PDF
Zenon Mróz 315-329
8. Design templates – a new tool for computer-aided design of structural elements PDF
Janusz Murzewski 331-350
9. White noise excited vibrations of viscoelastic shallow shells PDF
Józef Nizioł, Marek S. Kozień 351-366
10. Thin-walled beam subjected to ''warping constraints'' PDF
Stefan Piechnik 367-375
11. Computation of a plate-key closure of natural gas filter PDF
Jan Ryś 377-385
12. The analysis of propagation of subspan oscillations through the groups of spacers in conductor bundles PDF
Jacek Snamina, Waldemar Łatas 387-402
13. Decohesive carrying capacity of circular sandwich plate PDF
Krzysztof Szuwalski 403-415
14. Dynamic stability of electrorheological fluid-filled laminate PDF
Andrzej Tylikowski 417-428
15. Analysis of some problems of experimental mechanics and biomechanics by means the ANFIS neuro-fuzzy system PDF
Zenon Waszczyszyn, Marek Słoński 429-445
16. Computational models of periodic composites. Tolerance averaging versus homogenization PDF
Czesław Woźniak 447-459