Vol 40, No 2 (2002)

Table of Contents

1. Simulation of heat exchange during simple shear of sheet steel PDF
Alexis Rusinek, Stefan P. Gadaj, Wojciech K. Nowacki, Janusz R. Klepaczko 317-337
2. On the magnetization-based Lagrangian methods for 2D and 3D viscous flows. Part 1 – theoretical background PDF
Andrzej Styczek, Jacek Szumbarski 339-355
3. Numerical modelling of heat transfer in spherical domains by means of the bem using discretisation in time PDF
Bohdan Mochnacki, Romuald Szopa 357-370
4. Multicriteria optimization of sandwich cylindrical panels under axial compressive loads PDF
Renata Kasperska, Marian Ostwald 371-388
5. Concept of a non-proportionality parameter in a complex fatigue load state PDF
Dariusz Skibicki, Janusz Sempruch 389-399
6. Application of the projective input residual method to diagnosis of failure mechanical systems PDF
Bartosz Powałka, Krzysztof Marchelek 401-413
7. Regular and chaotic vibrations of van der Pol-Mathieu oscillator with non-ideal energy source PDF
Jerzy Warmiński 415-433
8. Optimal control of a Duffing oscillator under parametric and external excitations PDF
Artur Nowoświat 435-447
9. Interactions between vibrations of flexible links and base motion of manipulators PDF
Iwona Adamiec-Wójcik 449-463
10. Non-linear dynamic analysis of an axialy moving viscoelastic beam PDF
Krzysztof Marynowski 465-482
11. Estimation of dynamic response of buildings with load bearing walls using response spectra and neural networks PDF
Krystyna Kuźniar 483-495
12. Structural friction and viscous damping in a frictional torsion damper PDF
Zbigniew Skup 497-511