Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

38, 2, pp. 377-385, Warsaw 2000

Computation of a plate-key closure of natural gas filter

Jan Ryś
In the paper analytical and numerical results of equivalent stresses in the closure of pressure vessel which is a main unit of a natural gas filter are compared. The closure unit consist of a circular plate, housings welded to a cylindrical shell of the vessel and blocking keys in the form of segment rings. The leakproof is achieved by a rubber gasket between the housing and circular plate.

The results for the gaś filter made by Stalbud-Tarnow at nominał parametes Dn = 1400 mm; p_0 = 5.5 MPa; t_0 = 50^oC and hydraulic test pressure p_h = 9.9 MPa are presented.
Keywords: pressure vessel; gas filter; plate-key closure; nominal and test pressure