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Vol 29, No 3-4 (1991) Homogenization of inhomogeneous beam under a moving load Abstract   PDF
Sławomira Bytner, Barbara Gambin
Vol 30, No 3 (1992) Homogenization of stress equation of motion in linear elastodynamics Abstract   PDF
Ryszrd Wojnar
Vol 32, No 2 (1994) Homogenized thermoconsolidation with microlocal parameters of periodic stratified fluid-saturated porous solids Abstract   PDF
Stanisław J. Matysiak
Vol 54, No 4 (2016) Homotopy analysis of a forced nonlinear beam model with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities Abstract   PDF
Shahram Shahlaei-Far, Airton Nabarrete, Jose Manoel Balthazar
Vol 53, No 4 (2015) Homotopy perturbation method combined with Trefftz method in numerical identification of liquid temperature in flow boiling Abstract   PDF
Sylwia Hożejowska
Vol 34, No 3 (1996) How to speed up fast Fourier transform computation – a recurrence method Abstract   PDF
Franciszek Lenort
Vol 41, No 3 (2003) Hybrid asymptotic method for the effect of local thickness defects and initial imperfections on the buckling of cylindrical shells Abstract   PDF
Victor Z. Gristchak, Olga A. Golovan
Vol 42, No 3 (2004) Hybrid, finite element-artificial neural network model for composite materials Abstract   PDF
Marek Lefik
Vol 43, No 1 (2005) Hybrid method of evaluation of sounds radiated by vibrating surface elements Abstract   PDF
Marek S. Kozień
Vol 22, No 1-2 (1984) Hybrydowa metoda elementów skończonych w zagadnieniu kontaktowym Abstract   PDF
Wiesław Ostachowicz
Vol 32, No 1 (1994) Hydrogen induced internal cracking in metals caused by transient thermal processes Abstract   PDF
Victor Kharin
Vol 14, No 3 (1976) Hydromagnetyczny przepływ cieczy lepkiej w szczelinie między wirującymi powierzchniami obrotowymi Abstract   PDF
Edward Walicki
Vol 56, No 1 (2018) Hygrothermoelastic buckling response of composite laminates by using modified shear deformation theory Abstract   PDF
Masoud Kazemi
Vol 34, No 1 (1996) Hyperbolic heat conduction with variable relaxation time Abstract   PDF
Kurt Frischmuth, Vito Antonio Cimmelli
Vol 22, No 3-4 (1984) Idealnie sprężysto-plastyczna tarcza o profilu hiperbolicznym Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Szuwalski
Vol 46, No 2 (2008) Identification and simulation of initial geometrical imperfections of steel cylindrical tanks Abstract   PDF
Jarosław Górski, Tomasz Mikulski
Vol 49, No 4 (2011) Identification of alloy latent heat using the data of thermal and differential analysis Abstract   PDF
Bohdan Mochnacki, Romuald Szopa
Vol 44, No 1 (2006) Identification of beam boundary conditions in ill-posed problem Abstract   PDF
Leszek Majkut
Vol 39, No 1 (2001) Identification of modal models od helicopters using in-flight measuremants Abstract   PDF
Tadeusz Uhl, Wojciech Lisowski
Vol 48, No 3 (2010) Identification of optimal multibody vehicle models for crash analysis Abstract   PDF
Marta Carvalho, Jorge Ambrósio
Vol 28, No 1-2 (1990) Identification of parameters for dynamic models of tower structures with additional loads Abstract   PDF
Roman Ciesielski, Janusz Kawecki
Vol 46, No 2 (2008) Identification of substitute thermal capacity of solidifying alloy Abstract   PDF
Ewa Majchrzak, Bohdan Mochnacki, Józef S. Suchy
Vol 38, No 1 (2000) Identification of the aircraft control basing on the linear and angular accelerations recorded Abstract   PDF
Jarosław Pyrz, Jerzy Maryniak
Vol 49, No 1 (2011) Identification of the mathematical model of an inspection mobile robot with fuzzy logic systems and neural networks Abstract   PDF
Józef Giergiel, Krzysztof Kurc
Vol 35, No 4 (1997) Identification of the rotor blade wake and 3D turbulence structure in axial flow low speed compressor stage Abstract   PDF
Andrzej S. Witkowski, Tadeusz J. Chmielniak, Michał D. Strozik
Vol 54, No 4 (2016) Identification strategy of anisotropic behavior laws: application to thin sheets of Aluminium A5 Abstract   PDF
Amna Znaidi, Olfa Daghfas, Amen Gahbiche, Rachid Nasri
Accepted for publication Identifying the Poly Methyl Methacrylate behavior during free thermoforming using experimental tests and numerical simulation Abstract
Mansour Sattarian, aazam ghassemi
Vol 30, No 1 (1992) Identyfikacja modelu dynamiki lotu poddźwiękowego samolotu Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Manerowski
Vol 25, No 3 (1987) Identyfikacja parametryczna modelu matematycznego samolotu Abstract   PDF
Władysław Jarominek, Tadeusz Stefański
Vol 49, No 1 (2011) Impact test analysis of dynamic mechanical parameters of a rigid-plastic material with linear strain hardening Abstract   PDF
Edward Włodarczyk
Vol 49, No 3 (2011) Implementation of an active mass driver for increasing damping ratios of the laboratorial model of a building Abstract   PDF
Carlos Moutinho, Alvaro Cunha, Elsa Caetano
Vol 54, No 4 (2016) Implementation of the LQG controller for a wind turbine tower-nacelle model with an mr tuned vibration absorber Abstract   PDF
Maciej Rosół, Paweł Martynowicz
Vol 56, No 4 (2018) Implications of inertia for hydroelastic instability of Herschel-Bulkley fluids in plane Poiseuille flow Abstract   PDF
Shapour Jafargholinejad, Mohammad Najafi
Vol 56, No 2 (2018) Implicit scheme of the finite difference method for the second-order dual phase lag equation Abstract   PDF
Ewa Majchrzak, Bohdan Mochnacki
Vol 27, No 2 (1989) Implozja fali detonacyjnej w mieszaninie gazowej Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Tyl, Edward Włodarczyk
Kamil Urbanowicz, Zbigniew Zarzycki
Vol 49, No 1 (2011) Improved method for simulating transients of turbulent pipe flow Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Zarzycki, Sylwester Kudźma, Kamil Urbanowicz
Vol 31, No 3 (1993) Improvement of a robot performance due to elemination of both dynamic interactions and joint limits in the manipulator arm Abstract   PDF
Kazimiekz Nazarczuk
Vol 54, No 2 (2016) Improving mechanical properties of epoxy by adding multi-wall carbon nanotube Abstract   PDF
Basim M. Fadhil, Payman Sahbah Ahmed, Ava Ali Kamal
Vol 53, No 3 (2015) Inclination angle implications for fluid flow and mixed convection in complex geometry enclosure-meshless numerical analyses Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Najafi, Mehdi Nikfar, Ali Arefmanesh
Vol 56, No 4 (2018) Inclined surface cracks in a graded half-plane subjected to frictional sliding contact Abstract   PDF
Onur Arslan
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Inclusion of the D-optimality in multisine manoeuvre design for aircraft parameter estimation Abstract   PDF
Piotr Lichota
Vol 27, No 2 (1989) Indentation of a transversely isotropic layer by a truncated conical punch Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Rogowski
Vol 47, No 1 (2009) Indicated mean effective pressure oscillations in a natural gas combustion engine by recurrence plots Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Litak, Arkadiusz Syta, Bao-Feng Yao, Guo-Xiu Li
Vol 31, No 4 (1993) Influence of a measurement time window on the FFT frequency spectrum Abstract   PDF
Waldemar Kurowski
Vol 44, No 4 (2006) Influence of additional mass rings on frequencies of axi-symmetrical vibrations of clamped circular plates of linearly variable thickness Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Longin Zoryj, Andrzej Katunin
Vol 45, No 4 (2007) Influence of anisotropy on the energy release rate $G_{\rm I}$ for highly orthotropic materials Abstract   PDF
Paweł Grzegorz Kossakowski
Vol 47, No 1 (2009) Influence of atmospheric turbulence on bomb release Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Kowaleczko, Andrzej Żyluk
Vol 38, No 3 (2000) Influence of bonding layer on piezoelectric actuators of an axisymmetrical annular plate Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Tylikowski
Vol 48, No 1 (2010) Influence of collisions with a material feed on cophasal mutual synchronisation of driving vibrators of vibratory machines Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Michalczyk, Piotr Czubak
Vol 47, No 1 (2009) Influence of elastic material compressibility on parameters of the expanding spherical stress wave. I. Analytical solution to the problem Abstract   PDF
Edward Włodarczyk, Mariusz Zielenkiewicz
Vol 55, No 3 (2017) Influence of flight control law on spin dynamics of aerodynamically asymmetric aircraft Abstract   PDF
Bilal Malik, Suhail Akhtar, Jahanzeb Masood
Vol 51, No 3 (2013) Influence of ideal and non-ideal excitation sources on the dynamics of a nonlinear vibro-impact system Abstract   PDF
Fernando H. Moraes, Bento R. Pontes Jr, Marcos Silveira, José M. Balthazar, Reyolando M.L.R.F. Brasil
Vol 33, No 3 (1995) Influence of induced velocity modelling on helicopter stability Abstract   PDF
Paweł Mazurek, Janusz Narkiewicz
Vol 32, No 4 (1994) Influence of inertial forces on the magnetic fluid flow in a clearance between curvilinear surfaces of revolution Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Sawicki
Vol 32, No 2 (1994) Influence of initial stress and varnish coatings on vibration damping in wooden beams Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Geisler, Bogdan Skalmierski, Wojciech Sochacki
Vol 43, No 1 (2005) Influence of normal micro-vibrations in contact on sliding motion of solid body Abstract   PDF
Karol Grudziński, Robert Kostek
Vol 44, No 1 (2006) Influence of notch (tip) radius on fatigue crack growth rate Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Rozumek, Ewald Macha, Paolo Lazzarin, Giovanni Meneghetti
Vol 56, No 4 (2018) Influence of pulse shaper geometry on wave pulses in SHPB experiments Abstract   PDF
Robert Panowicz, Jacek Janiszewski, Krzysztof Kochanowski
Vol 32, No 4 (1994) Influence of stability derivatives on a quality of simulation (supersonic flow) Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski
Vol 34, No 4 (1996) Influence of steel structure and strength on corrosive-fatigue crack growth in the threshold-close area Abstract   PDF
Waldemar Bachmacz, Krzysztof Werner, Zygmunt Kolasiński
Vol 52, No 1 (2014) Influence of support compliances on stability and limiting slenderness ratio of compression helical springs Abstract   PDF
Jacek Krużelecki, Damian Szubartowski
Vol 41, No 1 (2003) Influence of the compact explicit filtering method on the perturbations growth in temporal shear-layer flow Abstract   PDF
Artur Tyliszczak
Vol 45, No 2 (2007) Influence of the crack tip model on results of the finite elements method Abstract   PDF
Marcin Graba, Jarosław Gałkiewicz
Vol 57, No 1 (2019) Influence of the damping effect on the dynamic response of a plate Abstract   PDF
Łukasz Piotr Borkowski
Vol 52, No 2 (2014) Influence of the elastomeric coating on parameters of steady state vibrations of coil springs in the resonance and outside it Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Michalczyk
Vol 51, No 4 (2013) Influence of the irregularity coefficient of loading on calculated fatigue life Abstract   PDF
Roland Pawliczek, Krzysztof Kluger
Vol 41, No 1 (2003) Influence of the lubricating agent on the properties of contact joints Abstract   PDF
Janusz Skrodzewicz
Vol 42, No 2 (2004) Influence of the material sensitivity factor on the stress ratio for different specimens geometries and materials under bending Abstract   PDF
Roland Pawliczek, Dariusz Rozumek
Vol 42, No 1 (2004) Influence of the mean loading on fatigue crack growth rate and life under bending Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Rozumek
Vol 47, No 4 (2009) Influence of the negative and positive jet of wake on laminar-turbulent transition in a boundary layer Abstract   PDF
Jacek Żabski, Zygmunt Wierciński
Vol 47, No 4 (2009) Influence of the notch radius on changes of the $ {\Delta}J$ parameter under fatigue crack growth rate Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Rozumek
Vol 31, No 1 (1993) Influence of the rectangular parallelepiped inclusion on transient thermal stresses Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Orłoś, Grzegorz Galin
Vol 39, No 1 (2001) Influence of the supporting spring stiffness on the vibrations and atability of a geometrically non-linear column Abstract   PDF
Jacek Przybylski
Vol 32, No 3 (1994) Influence of thermal deformation on the stress state of heat-proof coatings Abstract   PDF
Ludmila Gracheva, Nataliya Pankratova
Vol 54, No 2 (2016) Influence of uncertainty in aerodynamic performance on the dynamic response of a two stage gear system Abstract   PDF
Manel Tounsi, Moez Beyaoui, Kamel Abboudi, Nabih Feki, Lassaad Walha, Mohamed Haddar
Vol 37, No 1 (1999) Influence of variable orthotropy upon the stability of thin-walled rectangular plates Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Kubiak
Vol 57, No 1 (2019) Influences of the diameter and position of the inner hole on the strength and failure of disc specimens of sandstone determined using the Brazilian split test Abstract   PDF
Tantan Zhu, Da Huang
Vol 32, No 4 (1994) Information flow based algorithm of modelling Abstract   PDF
Witold Grabysz
Vol 44, No 3 (2006) Innovative modeling methods in damage assessment: application of dissipative particle dynamics to simulation of damage and self-healing of polymer-coated surfaces Abstract   PDF
Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, Nenad Filipovic
Vol 23, No 3-4 (1985) In-plane strain analysis by means of reflection holography Abstract   PDF
Piotr Wesołowski
Vol 52, No 2 (2014) Inquire into the marvellousness of autofrettage for mono-layered cylinders Abstract   PDF
Ruilin Zhu, Quan Li
Vol 35, No 2 (1997) Instability of non-parallel compressible boundary Layer Abstract   PDF
Ewa Tuliszka-Sznitko
Vol 45, No 3 (2007) Instability of the flow in rotating cavity Abstract   PDF
Ewa Tuliszka-Sznitko, Artur Zieliński
Vol 31, No 1 (1993) Instability of three dimensional boundary layer Abstract   PDF
Ewa Sznitko
Vol 45, No 3 (2007) Instability of viscous incompressible flow in a channel with transversely corrugated walls Abstract   PDF
Jacek Szumbarski
Vol 37, No 1 (1999) Instability regions of a prestressed compound column subjected to a follower force Abstract   PDF
Jacek Przybylski
Vol 49, No 4 (2011) Integral approach for time dependent materials using finite element method Abstract   PDF
Claude Chazal, Rostand Moutou Pitti
Vol 50, No 4 (2012) Integral fatigue criteria evaluation for life estimation under uniaxial combined proportional and non-proportional loadings Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Skibicki, Łukasz Pejkowski
Vol 53, No 1 (2015) Integrated navigation – flight control system of guided projectiles and bombs Abstract   PDF
Ryszard Vogt, Mirosław Adamski, Robert Głębocki
Vol 55, No 2 (2017) Intelligent hybrid fuzzy logic system for damage detection of beam-like structural elements Abstract   PDF
Sasmita Sahu, Priyadarshi Biplab Kumar, Dayal R. Parhi
Vol 38, No 3 (2000) Intelligent structures of springs Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Branowski
Vol 41, No 2 (2003) Interaction between a stratified elastic half-space and an irregular base allowing for the intercontact gas Abstract   PDF
Ihor Machyshyn, Wiesław Nagórko
Vol 51, No 2 (2013) Interaction between matrix crack and elliptic inclusion under dynamic loadings Abstract   PDF
Ying Li, Zhuocheng Ou, Zhuoping Duan, Fenglei Huang
Vol 41, No 3 (2003) Interaction of cylindrical shell and spherical body in ideal compressible medium Abstract   PDF
Victoria Dzyuba
Vol 36, No 3 (1998) Interaction of elastic waves with a fluid-saturated porous solid boundary Abstract   PDF
Mieczysław Cieszko, Józef Kubik
Vol 44, No 4 (2006) Interaction of point defects in piezoelectric materials – numerical simulation in the context of electric fatigue Abstract   PDF
Oliver Goy, Ralf Mueller, Dietmar Gross
Vol 40, No 2 (2002) Interactions between vibrations of flexible links and base motion of manipulators Abstract   PDF
Iwona Adamiec-Wójcik
Vol 44, No 1 (2006) Interactive buckling in thin-walled beam-columns with widthwise varying orthotropy Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Kubiak
Vol 48, No 3 (2010) Interactive multibody simulation in augmented reality Abstract   PDF
Pier Paolo Valentini, Eugenio Pezzuti
Vol 17, No 4 (1979) Interakcja układu budynek-podłoże podlegającego działaniom sejsmicznym i parasejsmicznym (Praca przeglądowa) Abstract   PDF
Edward Maciąg
Vol 39, No 3 (2001) Interface inclusion problems in laminated medium Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Rogowski, Marcin Pawlik
Vol 51, No 4 (2013) Interfacial shear and peeling stresses in a two-plate structure subjected to monotanically increasing thermal loading Abstract   PDF
Gergana Nikolova, Jordanka Ivanova
Vol 31, No 1 (1993) Internal point torque in a two-phase material. Interface crack and inclusion problems Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Rogowski
Vol 30, No 4 (1992) Internal resonance in a kinematically excited system of rods Abstract   PDF
Anna Foryś
Vol 49, No 1 (2011) Interval boundary element method for transient diffusion problem in two-layered domain Abstract   PDF
Alicja Piasecka-Belkhayat
Vol 37, No 3 (1999) Intra-extrafibrillar mixture formulation of soft charged hydrated tissues Abstract   PDF
Jacques M. Huyghe
Olaf Peter Hentschel, Lars Panning-von Scheidt, Jörg Wallaschek, Markus Denk
Vol 28, No 1-2 (1990) Invariant formulation of a distortional nodel of plastic hardening Abstract   PDF
Tadeusz Kurtyka
Vol 53, No 3 (2015) Inverse method for a one-stage spur gear diagnosis Abstract   PDF
Ali Akrout, Dhouha Tounsi, Mohamed Taktak, Mohamed Slim Abbes, Mohamed Haddar
Vol 35, No 2 (1997) Inverse problem for axisymmetrical paraboloidal gas turbine stage Abstract   PDF
Romuald Puzyrewski, Krystyna Namieśnik
Vol 32, No 1 (1994) Investigation into fatigue crack propagation in WT-9 titanium alloy Abstract   PDF
Lucjan Bukowski, Sylwester Kłysz
Vol 37, No 4 (1999) Investigation into the growth directions of a ductile crack under tensile loading Abstract   PDF
Jia Li, Xiao-Bing Zhang, Naman Recho
Vol 52, No 1 (2014) Investigation of an additional oxidizer charge effect on selected operational characteristics of a solid-fuel rocket engine Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Żyluk, Mariusz Pietraszek
Vol 50, No 2 (2012) Investigation of axial crushing behaviour of a composite fuselage model using the cohesive elements Abstract   PDF
F. Mustapha, N.W. Sim, A. Shahrjerdi
Vol 55, No 3 (2017) Investigation of boundary condition effects on the stability of FGP beams in thermal environment Abstract   PDF
Reza Nasirzadeh, Bashir Behjat, Mahsa Kharazi, Ata Khabazaghdam
Vol 57, No 1 (2019) Investigation of crack resistance in epoxy/boron nitride nanotube nanocomposites based on multi-scale method Abstract   PDF
Hossein Hemmatian, Mohammad Reza Zamani, Jafar Eskandari Jam
Vol 27, No 3 (1989) Investigation of dynamically loaded structures using the finite element method Abstract   PDF
Adam Kowacs
Vol 47, No 2 (2009) Investigation of endwall flows and losses in axial turbines. Part I. Formation of endwall flows and losses Abstract   PDF
Piotr Lampart
Vol 47, No 4 (2009) Investigation of endwall flows and losses in axial turbines. Part II. The effect of geometrical and flow parameters Abstract   PDF
Piotr Lampart
Vol 57, No 1 (2019) Investigation of flexibility constants for a multi-spring model: a ‎solution for buckling of cracked micro/nanobeams Abstract   PDF
Majid Akbarzadeh Khorshidi, Mahmoud Shariati
Vol 56, No 4 (2018) Investigation of inlet distortion effects on axial compressor performance based on streamline curvature method Abstract   PDF
Sarallah Abbasi, Alireza Pirnia, Reza Taghavi-Zenouz
Vol 46, No 4 (2008) Investigation of the influence of simultaneous vibroacoustic exposures on the operator Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Witold Engel, Piotr Kowalski
Vol 23, No 3-4 (1985) Investigation of the residual stresses in complex bodies by photoelastic methods Abstract   PDF
I. I. Demidowa
Vol 30, No 2 (1992) Investigation of thermal stresses in the I beams with circular holes in the web Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Orłoś, Grzegorz Galin
Vol 45, No 4 (2007) Investigation of unsteady vorticity layer eruption induced by vortex patch using vortex particles method Abstract   PDF
Henryk Kudela, Ziemowit Miłosz Malecha
Vol 54, No 2 (2016) Investigation on a quasi-zero-stiffness vibration isolator under random excitation Abstract   PDF
Yong Wang, Shunming Li, Chun Cheng
Vol 49, No 2 (2011) Investigations of aerodynamics of Tesla bladeless microturbines Abstract   PDF
Piotr Lampart, Łukasz Jędrzejewski
Vol 33, No 3 (1995) Investigations of barrel bore wearing mechanism Abstract   PDF
Edward Włodarczyk, Aleksander Moszczyński, Adam Jackowski
Vol 56, No 3 (2018) Investigations of material behaviour under monotonic tension using a Digital Image Correlation system Abstract   PDF
Tadeusz Szymczak
Vol 31, No 3 (1993) Involute gears with variable pressure angle profile for mechatronic application Abstract   PDF
Waldemar Oleksiuk
Vol 15, No 3 (1977) Inwersyjna metoda badania modeli elastooptycznych z więzami sztywnymi Abstract   PDF
Roman Doroszkiewicz, Jerzy Lietz, Bogdan Michalski
Vol 10, No 2 (1972) Inżynierskie metody analizy konstrukcji sprężysto-plastycznych Abstract   PDF
Antoni Sawczuk
Vol 50, No 3 (2012) Irrational elliptic functions and the analytical solutions of SD oscillator Abstract   PDF
Qingjie Cao, Dan Wang, Yushu Chen, Marian Wiercigroch
Vol 22, No 1-2 (1984) Isodyne photoelasticity and gradient photoelasticity: physical and mathematical models, efficacy, applications Abstract   PDF
Jerzy T. Pindera
Vol 25, No 3 (1987) Istnienie całki energii w wybranych obszarach opływu profilu cieczą doskonałą Abstract   PDF
M. J. Ciałkowski
Vol 16, No 1 (1978) Iteracyjna metoda obliczania dowolnych ciał odkształcalnych w zakresie liniowo sprężystym Abstract   PDF
Józef Wranik
Vol 14, No 2 (1976) Iteracyjna metoda wyznaczania częstości drgań własnych i amplitud układu o skończonej liczbie stopni swobody Abstract   PDF
Bohdan Kowalczyk, Tadeusz Ratajczak
Vol 13, No 3 (1975) Izotropia jako przypadek graniczny wieloskładnikowego ośrodka ortotropowego Abstract   PDF
Alicja Gołębiewska-Lasota, Andrzej P. Wilczyński
Vol 27, No 1 (1989) Jeden ze sposobów eliminowania rezonansu śmigła ogonowego śmigłowca Abstract   PDF
Wiesław Hawrylecki
Vol 22, No 1-2 (1984) Jednomodalna i dwumodalna optymalizacja ściskanych prętów drgających Abstract   PDF
Bohdan Bochenek, Antoni Gajewski
Vol 27, No 4 (1989) Jednorównaniowy model turbulentnej strugi osiowosymetrycznej Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Bogusławski
Vol 13, No 2 (1975) Jednowymiarowe dynamiczne pole naprężeń cieplnych wywołane ruchomym polem temperatury Abstract   PDF
Józef Kubik
Vol 23, No 1 (1985) Jednowymiarowy ciągły model stateczności sprężystej płaskiego dźwigara siatkowego Abstract   PDF
Roman Nagórski
Vol 23, No 1 (1985) Jednowymiarowy ciągły model stateczności sprężystej siatkowych dźwigarów powierzchniowych Abstract   PDF
Roman Nagórski
Vol 55, No 4 (2017) Jerk by axes in motion along a space curve Abstract   PDF
Michael Tsirlin
Vol 2, No 3 (1964) Katastrofa budowlana jako przypadek unormowany Abstract   PDF
Witold Wierzbicki
Vol 6, No 3 (1968) Kierunki rozwojowe i zadania badawcze w dziedzinie mechaniki ciała stałego Abstract   PDF
Witold Nowacki
Vol 7, No 3 (1969) Kierunki rozwoju mechaniki płynów w dziesięcioleciu 1958-1967 Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Bukowski, Włodzimierz Prosnak
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Kinematic synthesis of spatial linkages with spherical pairs Abstract   PDF
Serikbay Kosbolov, Algazy Zhauyt, Serikbol Kosbolov
Vol 36, No 4 (1998) Kinematics and dynamics of multibody system based on natural and joint coordinates using velocity transformations Abstract   PDF
Saad M. Issa, Krzysztof P. Arczewski
Vol 14, No 4 (1976) Kinematyczna analiza przepływów cieczy nieliniowo lepkosprężystych Abstract   PDF
Stefan Zahorski
Vol 16, No 1 (1978) Kinematyczna równoważność układów sił Abstract   PDF
Stefan Piechnik
Vol 23, No 3-4 (1985) Klasa przepływów powolnych w kanałach kołowo zakrzywionych Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Tokarzewski
Vol 22, No 1-2 (1984) Komórkowo-kominowy charakter konwekcji swobodnej od izotermicznych, poziomych powierzchni wymieniających ciepło w przestrzeni nieograniczonej Abstract   PDF
Piotr Kubski, Witold Marek Lewandowski
Vol 28, No 3-4 (1990) Komputerowy model dynamiki lotu samolotu zweryfikowany próbami w locie Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Manerowski, Mirosław Nowakowski, Stanisław Rymaszewski
Vol 21, No 4 (1983) Komputeryzacja mechaniki konstrukcji w Polsce w ostatniej dekadzie działalności PTMTiS Abstract   PDF
Gustaw Rakowski
Vol 10, No 1 (1972) Koncentracja naprężeń w tarczy nieograniczonej z otworem kołowym przy obciążeniu wewnętrznym Abstract   PDF
Kazimierz Rykaluk
Vol 1, No 1 (1963) Konferencja Naukowa Mechaniki Ośrodków Ciągłych w Krynicy. Przegląd referatów Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Dżygadło, Marek Sokołowski, Stefan Zahorski, Michał Życzkowski
Vol 12, No 4 (1974) Konstrukcja funkcji Greena dla równania biharmonicznego w obszarze koła lub wycinka kołowego Abstract   PDF
Eugeniusz Wachnicki
Vol 35, No 4 (1997) Konstrukcje inteligentne Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Tylikowski
Vol 5, No 1 (1967) Korelacja cech wytrzymałościowych i wytężenie materiału Abstract   PDF
Janusz Murzewski, Zbigniew Mendera
Vol 12, No 3 (1974) Kształt równania różniczkowego cząstkowego rozwiązującego klasę powłok prostokreślnych rozwijalnych Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Bielak
Vol 23, No 1 (1985) Kształt skrzypiec a elastyka Eulera Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Skalmierski
Vol 7, No 3 (1969) Kształtowanie dynamiczne elementów konstrukcji Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Olszowski
Vol 21, No 2-3 (1983) Kształtowanie płaskich ustrojów nośnych o największej sztywności Abstract   PDF
Józef Kapłanek
Vol 11, No 4 (1973) Kształtowanie rurociągu o zmiennej średnicy, wykazującego pełne uplastycznienie w stadium zniszczenia Abstract   PDF
Zdzisława Kordas
Vol 18, No 4 (1980) Kształty prętów silnie zakrzywionych poddanych zginaniu z rozciąganiem i ścinaniem, całkowicie uplastycznionych w stadium zniszczenia Abstract   PDF
Anna Dollar, Zdzisława Kordas
Vol 49, No 4 (2011) Laboratory stand for testing self-powered vibration reduction systems Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Sapiński, Jacek Snamina, Łukasz Jastrzębski, Antoni Staśkiewicz
Vol 6, No 2 (1968) Laboratoryjne metody pomiaru pochodnych aerodynamicznych Abstract   PDF
Wiesław W. Łucjanek
Vol 35, No 2 (1997) Lagrange's equations for two-dimensional motion of a cylinder in perfect fluid Abstract   PDF
Piotr Wilde
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Large deformation analysis and stability analysis of a cylindrical rubber tube under internal pressure Abstract   PDF
Jianbing Sang, Sufang Xing, Haitao Liu, Xiaolei Li, Jingyuan Wang, Yinlai Lv
Vol 51, No 4 (2013) Lateral impact of tubular structure – theoretical and experimental analysis. Part 1 – Investigation of single tube Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Lipa, Maria Kotełko
Vol 25, No 1-2 (1987) Lateral stability of the canard configuration Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski, Zdobysław Goraj
Vol 50, No 1 (2012) Lattice Boltzmann simulation of fluid flow in porous media of temperature-affected geometry Abstract   PDF
Arkadiusz Grucelski, Jacek Pozorski
Vol 51, No 3 (2013) Lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection flow around a horizontal cylinder located beneath an insulation plate Abstract   PDF
Abbasali Abouei Mehrizi, Mousa Farhadi, Hamid Hassanzadeh Afrouzi, Saeed Shayamehr, Hossein Lotfizadeh
Vol 41, No 3 (2003) Layout optimization of two isotropic materials in elastic shells Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Dzierżanowski, Tomasz Lewiński
Vol 51, No 1 (2013) Least squares method modification applied to the NASGRO equation Abstract   PDF
Sylwester Kłysz, Janusz Lisiecki, Andrzej Leski, Tomasz Bąkowski
Vol 33, No 4 (1995) Length-scale effects in wave propagation and stability of elastic composites under finite deformations Abstract   PDF
Ewaryst Wierzbicki
Vol 15, No 4 (1977) Lepkosprężyste charakterystyki gumy i tulejowych gumowo-metalowych łączników typu ,,silentblock'' Abstract   PDF
Karol Wyleżych
Vol 19, No 3 (1981) Lepkość wirowa w osiowo-symetrycznych strugach zawirowanych Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Drobniak
Vol 45, No 3 (2007) LES of turbulent channel flow and heavy particle dispersion Abstract   PDF
Jacek Pozorski, Tomasz Wacławczyk, Mirosław Łuniewski
Vol 51, No 4 (2013) LES-CMC and LES-Flamelet simulation of non-premixed methane flame (Sandia F) Abstract   PDF
Artur Tyliszczak
Vol 49, No 1 (2011) Lie algebra approach in the study of the stability of stochastic linear hybrid systems Abstract   PDF
Ewelina Seroka, Lesław Socha
Vol 56, No 4 (2018) Life prediction for LY12CZ notched plate based on the continuum damage mechanics and the genetic algorithm and radial basis function method Abstract   PDF
Jiaying Gao, Peng Li
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Lifting capacity enhancement of a crawler crane by improving stability Abstract   PDF
A. A. Shaikh, Dineesh Kumar D
Vol 28, No 1-2 (1990) Limit analysis due to failure process in creep conditions Abstract   PDF
Marcin Chrzanowski, Piotr Latus
Vol 54, No 4 (2016) Limit load of cold formed thin-walled nonstandard channel beams Abstract   PDF
Maciej Obst, Marcin Rodak, Piotr Robert Paczos
Vol 35, No 3 (1997) Limit load of elastomer elements Abstract   PDF
Marian Dudziak, Janusz Mielniczuk
Vol 46, No 1 (2008) Limitations in application of basic frequency simplest lower estimators in investigation of natural vibrations of circular plates with variable thickness and clamped edges Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Mariusz Misiukiewicz, Wojciech Puchalski
Vol 44, No 4 (2006) Limitations in application of Finite Element Method in acoustic numerical simulation Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Łodygowski, Wojciech Sumelka
Vol 47, No 2 (2009) Linear characteristics of the sloshing phenomenon for the purpose of on-board ship's stability assessment Abstract   PDF
Przemysław Krata
Vol 55, No 3 (2017) Linear free vibration of graphene sheets with nanopore via Aifantis theory and Ritz method Abstract   PDF
Sima Ziaee
Vol 53, No 3 (2015) Linear matrix inequalities control driven for non-ideal power source energy harvesting Abstract   PDF
Douglas C. Ferreira, Fábio R. Chavarette, Nelson J. Peruzzi
Vol 53, No 4 (2015) Linear stability analysis for ferromagnetic fluids in the presence of magnetic field, compressibility, internal heat source and rotation through a porous medium Abstract   PDF
Kapil Kumar, V. Singh, Seema Sharma
Vol 31, No 2 (1993) Linear stability theory of three dimensional supersonic boundary layer Abstract   PDF
Ewa Sznitko
Vol 48, No 2 (2010) Linear-graph and contour-fraph-based models of planetary gears Abstract   PDF
Józef Drewniak, Stanisław Zawiślak
Vol 22, No 3-4 (1984) Linearized equations of stability of elastic-plastic conical shell including the effects of passive processes Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Zielnica
Vol 24, No 3 (1986) Liniowe układy mechaniczne o najszybszym tłumieniu Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Dubiel
Vol 16, No 3 (1978) List do Redakcji Abstract   PDF
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